Hey San Mateo,

Over the last few years, you have shared your priorities for the future of Hillsdale.

This is what you’ve told us.

Your Priorities

200 people at our May 2022 Open House events shared their priorities, and housing was ranked as the 1 top priority.

Housing 60 votes
Economic Vitality 57 votes
Parks & Plazas 46 votes
Sustainability 44 votes
Mobility 36 votes
Arts & Culture 30 votes

Count of #1 votes for each priority

Data collected from in-person and online votes at Open Houses in May 2022

Key Ingredients

These ‘key ingredients’ are design elements that you helped us identify as priorities.

  • A new, energetic shopping and dining hub
  • A welcoming neighborhood edge
  • An improved mobility network
  • Essential housing serving San Mateo’s needs
  • An open and dynamic community space
  • A thriving hub for working, retail and dining
  • A network of beautiful pathways
  • A characterful and varied design

Your feedback during our September Open House events has helped us to fill in the details on how to best deliver each key ingredient.

A new, energetic shopping & dining hub
An open & dynamic community space
Essential housing serving San Mateo’s needs
A thriving hub for working, retail and dining
An improved mobility network
North Block

Conceptual Program Hunches – September 2022

Key Ingredients


A new, energetic shopping & dining hub

Top-voted images

#1 Gathering spaces to take it all in
#2 Places to rest and recharge,

In your words

“Farmers markets, night markets (local artists, food, cultural diversity).”

“I would love to see an errands center with post-offices or banks. A “go-to place” for daily needs.”

“Hillsdale will be a place where I can relax and see and see or learn or hear something new – fashion, art, music.”

Key Ingredients


An improved mobility network

Top-voted images

In your words

“Safer crossing for children”

“Protected Bike Lanes”

“Encourage use of public transportation”

“Need more + enough parking”

Key Ingredients


An open & dynamic community space

Top-voted images

#1 evening programming for all ages
#2 outdoor performance

In your words

“Highlight gathering spaces farmer’s markets, areas for live music, arts and culture where visitors can meet with friends and loved ones and linger”

“All of the open space areas must be kept clean”

“Events on the calendar to appeal to all ages – pop-ups, farmers markets, how-to’s, self improvement and mental wellness, etc.”

Key Ingredients


A network of beautiful pathways

Top-voted images

#1 lush and immersive
#2 strolling paths

In your words

“The heart of the walkable zone should be all pedestrian-oriented, not bifurcated by roads or intersections if possible.”

“I love the pictures of lush, green spaces to stroll or sit.”

“Like the idea of “green walk” allows elderly a place to go to.”

Key Ingredients


A welcoming neighborhood edge

Top-voted images

#1 generous sidewalks
#2 local gathering space for quiet moments of pause

In your words

“I’d like big, open sidewalks for safety and easy maneuvering of strollers”

“Please keep edges quiet, low scale, and warm, with plenty of landscaping.”

“People need something to look at that is tranquil after all the stress + busyness of our lives”

Key Ingredients


Essential housing serving essential neighborhood needs

Top-voted images

#1 shared outdoor space
#2 architectural variety

In your words

“San Mateo is a gem and people are going to come live here, let’s make it the best we can.”

“Would like to see all income levels, and family structures provided for.”

“Senior living, close to it all.”

Key Ingredients


A thriving hub for working, retail and dining

Top-voted images

#1 local retailers
#2 Dining throughout the day and evening

In your words

“More job opportunities with good paying jobs.”

“Hillsdale will be a place where I can meet up with friends, bring my grandchildren for activities, eat and shop”

“Provide spaces & programs for different generations (teen hangouts, senior gatherings, parent-oriented stores, childcare drop off, etc”

Key Ingredients


A characterful and varied design

Top-voted images

#1 comfortable human scale
#2 human centered details

In your words

“Incorporate sustainable design and best practices”

“Soften modern styles and shapes with attractive landscaping and human scale design features”

“Tie into the more traditional elements of the Peninsula, like older buildings downtown”

“Building diversity makes a place engaging, interesting, and fun.”

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