What is your vision for the future of Hillsdale?

Your input is shaping our plans

As we continue to build a shared vision for the future of Hillsdale, we invite you to share your thoughts.

Read on to hear what we are learning from our community of neighbors across San Mateo.

Community Priorities and Opportunities

An important part of the community engagement process is taking what we hear from our customers and community and distilling it into guidance for our team. The priorities you have shared with us over the last several years will inform our plans moving forward.

We’ve heard you want Hillsdale to be…

A Gathering Place

Celebrate Hillsdale’s legacy as a place to gather, socialize, celebrate, and create new memories.

An Innovative Retailer

Continue our retail tradition, while adapting to changing consumer preferences and retail realities.

An Economic Driver

Continue to be a strong generator of economic activity, jobs, and tax revenue to support the city’s ability to provide essential community services.

A Collaborator

Above all, continue to reimagine the future, together.

A Public Amenity

A place that enhances our quality of life, ability to easily and safely get around, and connection to one another.

A Good Neighbor

Contribute to local and regional priorities by working with the city to address the challenges San Mateo faces.

Join the conversation

Watch and Share: March 2023 Open House

Hear from your neighbors: May 2022 Open House

Next Steps

At upcoming events we will continue to refine our shared vision with your feedback. Please join in this collective effort to create the future at Hillsdale that will best serve this community in the decades ahead.

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