What we’ve learned from the community so far.

Since December 2019 more than 4,000 of our customers and San Mateo neighbors have taken the time to help us re:imagine the future of the Hillsdale Shopping Center and how we can best serve our community in the years ahead.

The Idea Store:
How we started the

In 2019, we opened The Idea Store— our Re:Imagine Hillsdale shop that offered an interactive exhibit designed to ground our conversation about the future in an under-standing of where we’ve been and where we are.

The Idea Store featured a history of the shopping center and its transition over the decades, a memories wall where visitors could record what they loved most about their time at Hillsdale across the years, and an interactive priorities exercise that invited visitors to share their thoughts on how Hillsdale can best serve the community in the years to come.

After two world-changing years, we are continuing the conversation in 2022, refreshing perspectives and adding new insights.

Join us and share your thoughts.

Core Principles

Our plans for Hillsdale’s future will be grounded in core principles drawn from our conversations with the community over the past two years about how Hillsdale can continue to serve San Mateo.


Celebrate Hillsdale’s legacy as a place to gather, socialize, celebrate, and create new memories


Continue our retail tradition, while adapting to changing consumer preferences and retail realities


Prioritize public health and safety, add public amenities that enhance our shared quality of life


Capitalize on Hillsdale’s unique capacity to be a strong driver for the city’s economic recovery and continued ability to support essential services


Explore Hillsdale’s ability to play a role in larger problem-solving


Above all, continue to Re:Imagine, together

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the conversation.

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